Friday, August 1, 2014


I opened my FB page and found the most horrendously awful picture of myself.  

My eyes are droopy and bagged,
          from the not quite sleep of a night on the ground in a tent,

They're bloodshot and watery,
          from the smokey flames of the campfire surrounded by family-friends,

My hair is a scraggly, tangled mess,
          I packed that hairbrush,
                                  I know I did,
                                                Didn't I?

My face is red and chapped,
          from outdoor,
                   all day,
                         hours of biking,
                                       and hiking,
                                                and scrambling through rushing streams.

I'm laughing,
         I'm happy,

                    I'm clutching a bundle
                                          of wriggling,
                                                             irrepressible, life.

I really love that picture.